Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee is composed of faculty from the four campuses and governs the Intercampus program. While each campus establishes its own individual requirements for training of residents and clinical laboratory fellows, the Executive Committee, among other things, oversees and establishes the major requirements in which all trainees must partake; interviews and votes on the acceptance of new trainees; addresses and implements changes in accreditation or Board requirements; reviews the progress of all trainees; and addresses any adverse situations that may occur. The committee composition is the Directors of the various specialties, important research faculty, and the clinical program training directors at each campus. 

The current Executive Committee is composed of:

  • Wayne Grody, MD, PhD (UCLA) – Chair and Director of the Program
  • Jose Abdenur, MD (CHOC)
  • Josh Deignan, PhD (UCLA)
  • Deborah Krakow, MD (UCLA)
  • Julian Martinez, MD (UCLA)
  • Stanley Nelson, MD (UCLA)
  • Bianca Russell, MD (UCLA)
  • Rhona Schreck, PhD (CSMC)
  • T. Niroshi Senaratne, PhD (UCLA)
  • Derek Wong, MD (UCLA)