Our unique program encompasses four campuses in the L.A. area (below). All trainees rotate to each campus during their time in the program, and all program faculty and associate faculty are available to the trainees for consultation and advice. You'll spend the bulk of your time at the campus where your project is located.

The application process is to the program as a whole, but assignment to a particular campus will depend on the type of training desired and the preference of both the applicant and the campus (for example, the campus where your research mentor is located). Here are the types of training programs available at each site:

Training programs available by location:


The website of the American Board of Genetics and Genomics contains some valuable information for applicants:

The Clinical Genetics and Medical Biochemical Genetics programs are our ACGME approved residencies and open to MDs interested in Medical Genetics.

The clinical laboratory programs (Biochemical Genetics, Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics) are ABMGG approved two year programs designed for individuals wishing to be clinical laboratory directors. 

A candidate may ONLY apply to one program per application cycle.  Selection of program will depend on career interests and background.   Letters of inquiry and applications should clearly state the program of interest.  Once an application is received (see program links for application procedures) a file will be created.  Letters of recommendation should not be solicited until a file exists.